Your Questions About Wheel Alignment Tools

Ruth asks… How hard is it to change a tie-rod end at home on a rear wheel drive family sedan? It is on a 1996 Holden VS Commodore. I have my own tools but nothing specific to tie rod ends. I know that once it is changed it will need […] Read more »

Your Questions About Car Brake Service Coupons

James asks… What is done to a 2007 Toyota Corolla during the 30,000 service.? I dont want to walk all the way to my car for the manuel. Can someone help? Thanks;) Fred Gagnon answers: Depends – are you going to ask your dealer for their X-mile service (which individual […] Read more »

Your Questions About Auto Brake Service Cost

Charles asks… How much does it cost to repair a Mazda 3? I have a mazda 3. It needs two front struts, rear brakes, rear shocks, and front sway bar links. How much do you think this will all cost approximately? I need help! It is a 2004 by the […] Read more »

Your Questions About Synthetic Oil Change How Often

Thomas asks… How often must I change synthetic oil ? My Nissan has 60K on the engine and, I normally use conventional oil and, change every 3K. Id like to try synthetic oil but, need to know how often it needs changing. Fred Gagnon answers: Ifn you drive like a […] Read more »