Your Questions About Auto Tires Nyc

Chris asks… What is a good career move for a realtor? Tired of the ups and downs of real estate. What is a wise choice to switch to? answers: You could go to school (I think it’s only two weeks) for insurance. Auto, home, etc… People always need insurance regardless […] Read more »

Your Questions About Colored Engine Hoses

Betty asks… What about this latte colored residue on dipstick? I just recently bought a 1972 Ford custom pickup with a 360 rebuilt engine. I never go above 65 and always check the engine before driving. One day I noticed a residue on the dipstick that was latte in appearance. […] Read more »

Your Questions About Auto Repair Shops

Betty asks… What are some of your common complaints for your auto repair shop? Im trying to figure out some of the most common complaints for auto repair shops. answers: Making sure they do the work they say they needs to be done. Paul asks… How much will it generally […] Read more »

Your Questions About Car Struts Diagram

Susan asks… Where can I find a diagram of where everything is under the hood of a 95 Dodge Neon? What I am really looking for is the place to put the windshield fluid, but I would like a diagram so I can figure things out. Can’t seem to find […] Read more »

Your Questions About Timing Belt Replacement Honda

Robert asks… Do they replace timing belts on certified Hondas? If a used Honda is certified,50k miles, does that mean the timing belt is new? answers: I would doubt it. Honda does not recommend replacement for this typically until 120k miles. As such I would not expect that this would […] Read more »