Your Questions About Auto A/c

David asks… Is there a gas cost variance to run car A/C at different levels? answers: No it just the blower to blow harder and faster. It’s just blowing the cold air off the freon. Once the A/C compressor clutch kicks on, it’s relying on engine speed at that point. […] Read more »

Your Questions About Auto Brake Service

Ruth asks… How much does it cost to replace rear brake shoes on 1988 Cadillac? How much will it cost to replace ONLY the rear brake shoes on a 1988 Cadillac Seville? Also, can you recommend any shops? answers: Shoes cost around $30 bucks at most from advanced auto parts(nationwide). […] Read more »

Your Questions About Wheel Alignment Machine

Lizzie asks… How can I covert Toe in 1+-2 mm in to degree? Its for a Toyota Land cruiser HJ7 2005 model vehicle.? Its for my Wheel Alignment machine, which takes input only in degrees. But my vehicle’s manual only provides toe in data in mm or inch. answers: It’s […] Read more »

Your Questions About Carmax

Lisa asks… How much does Carmax charge for Maxcare extended service plan ? I’m planning to buy a car from Carmax. How much do they charge for their extended service plan? Is it worth it? Any experience with the plan? answers: I used to work for carmax.. And the charge […] Read more »

Your Questions About Car Tires

Susan asks… What can cause car tires to ware on the inside of the wheel? My car tires are starting to get worn down on the top part of the tire facing the car. It only does this to the back wheels.. One of my friends said it could be […] Read more »