Your Questions About Auto Brake Service Cost

Sandra asks… Does repairing a BMW cost a lot more than a Honda? I am planning to buy one of those cars. But would like to know which cost more to repair, if something brakes. Is the mechanical replacement/maintenance and service of a bmw more expensive than honda? Thankds answers: […] Read more »

Your Questions About Wheel Alignment Coupons

Mandy asks… How much should an average Wheel Alignment Cost? For a front whell drive Honda Civic? answers: This depends on the labor cost in your area. Usually, you can find deals or coupons for 4 wheel alignments under 100 dollars, sometimes 80. It really varies on the shop and […] Read more »

Your Questions About Car Tires Online

Paul asks… Where is the cheapest place to buy new car tyres? I need to buy new car tyres and I’m unsure where I can get the cheapest deal. Am I better buying online, from a national chain, or from a local garage? Forgot to mention I’m in the UK. […] Read more »

Your Questions About Car Shocks Definition

Sandy asks… Is it bad for a car to drive enthusiastically/aggressively in a sporty manner? I have a VW Golf MkVI 1.4 TSI. I sometimes drive it in a sporty, aggressive (not aggressive to others, just aggressively!) and enthusiastic manner. There is one particular back road I like and it […] Read more »

Your Questions About Engine Replacement Shop

Ken asks… How Long does a Car Engine replacement take? Hi, how long would a mechanic take to fit a new engine to a Hyundai Coupe? Its a full engine on an automatic car. Supplied a second hand engine to the garage myself. answers: A shade tree mechanic working with […] Read more »

Your Questions About Engine Belts For Sale

Susan asks… Can a mower drive belt be too tight for a lawnmower? Just replaced the mower drive belt (cuz previous one broke) and now all of a sudden the mower doesnt want to turn over completely now. Could the belt be too tight? If it is, it’s within an […] Read more »

Your Questions About Engine Belts Wiki

David asks… How do you find out if your engine is a free-running engine or an interference engine? my son has a 1994 Ford Ranger XLT Extended cab and his timing belt broke while he was on the freeway. He quickly put it in neutral and pulled off the road […] Read more »