Your Questions About Wheel Alignment

Carol asks… How much does it cost to have wheel alignment on a honda Cr-v? I haven’t have a wheel alignment on my 2002 honda cr-v in years. I am wonder how much it will cost for a wheel alignment for my car. My car is four wheel drive. How […] Read more »

Your Questions About Carvel

Lizzie asks… How much could I expect to make yearly (after taxes) if I open a Carvel Ice Cream store? Curious if there are any Carvel franchise owners out there who can share what they bring home after taxes in a typical year. It would also help to know where […] Read more »

Your Questions About Radiator Repair Cost

Mary asks… How much will these repairs cost? Collision damage to the front of my car. -Replace the radiator -Fix up the front bumper, I think. Anyone know how much this will cost in AUS dollars? I would be really grateful for helpful answers 🙂 Rav 4 is the type […] Read more »

Your Questions About Engine Replacement Time

Mark asks… What engine replacement options are available? I have a 2006 GMC Sierra, shortbox, regular cab. it is a 2WD, 4.3L V6. What options do I have, what size of engines could i replace the V6 with? Where could I find such engines? I would prefer them be crate […] Read more »

Your Questions About Engine Belts Prices

Mary asks… How should I pay my mechanic for replacing a pulley that goes on the engine belt? What is a fair price? OK……….what if the mechanic says “pay me whatever you like” and I have no clue. I cant be too generous these days as many of you know, […] Read more »

Your Questions About Car Brake Service Cost

Helen asks… How long should a newly replace clutch last on my Honda Civic? Also, how much do new shocks cost? At 150,000 my civic lx its been a great car. I was reading up on some maintence and realized I have never had the shocks struts changed. Brakes have […] Read more »

Your Questions About Auto Air Conditioning Parts

William asks… What is the optimal speed for maximal fuel efficiency in auto-transmission vehicles? Considering use of air–conditioning and other luxury. answers: In general, usually around 40-50 mph…that is why most posted maximum and minimum speed limits in the city and highway are around those figures. As speed increases above […] Read more »

Your Questions About Car Struts Purpose

Nancy asks… Ok, my struts are so bad when i hit my brakes my car bounces, anyone know a cheap fix? i can bounce my back end of my car off the ground with one hand……yeah the struts are shot, its sitting on all spring right now, does anyone know […] Read more »