Your Questions About Auto Brake Service Locations

Richard asks… I was scam…what do I do? Below is what I scam for? Does this seem like a scam? Mobile Mechanic Serving All Of Hampton Roads Sence 2008 All Cities Any Problem All Locations 2011-05-19, 12:09PM EDT Mobile Mechanics Auto Repair (757)-319-0362 is here to save you more money […] Read more »

Your Questions About Auto Maintenance

John asks… How to best paint the inside of a garage? I have a large 2-car garage that has a white stucco ceiling and bare sheetrock walls. I’ll be doing a lot of auto maintenance in there, both day and night. What’s the best color and sheen to use? I […] Read more »

Your Questions About Auto A/c

Mandy asks… How much can I get for my Toyota? answers: ,Used Toyota’s usually sell quite well on Ebay. To get the best price take good pictures to load on-line to Ebay,and a good description. Tell everything that is wrong and also what is good about the car. If you […] Read more »