Your Questions About Engine Cooling System Problems

Nancy asks…

Why is my car overheating with new cooling system?

I have a 98 malibu 4 cylinder my water pump, thermostat, and radiator hoses are all new i dont have any leaks but my car overheats. When the temp gauge gets to about almost 3/4 of the way my oil light comes on then i shut the car off. What could it be what could it be. My fans are working fine too so its not the cooling fans i know.


If everything is working fine then you might have a faulty temp sensor. Some cars have two sensors; one that turns the fan on and one that tells the computer what the temperature is. The one that tells the computer might be faulty. BUT DON’T JUST ASSUME THAT. You could damage the engine. Fully diagnose the problem before you throw any more money at it.

You MIGHT have a clogged radiator or the water pump you installed could be faulty (factory defective). OR the thermostat can be sticking. If it’s possible to do so the thermostat may have been installed backwards.

Truth is – you’ve got to get after the problem and determine exactly what is bothering it. It COULD EVEN be a bad radiator cap. But don’t go spending money HOPING to fix the problem; figure out what IS the problem and fix THAT and THAT ALONE.

Hope this helps.

‘av’a g’day mate.


Laura asks…

certified good mechanic for buick regal GS 2002 model?

My car ‘s low coolant light was on.mechanic checked and told me there are few problem.
lower intake gasket leaking
engine oil getting into cooling system
replace coolant sensor ( damaged from oil)
uc gasket replace( leaking engine oil)
He is saying total cost will be around 1500$
it is buick regal gs 2002 model and have 125000 Miles on it.
Please give your suggestion on this and good mechanic for this.


That sounds pretty cheap to me

But get another opinion before pending that kind of money on a car that old

Betty asks…

how can i sue an extended warranty co for not following rovers request to have new engine put in.?

Oil is still in the cooling system.


If they paid out because of the problem you mention and the repair didn’t solve it, just threatening them should be enough.
I would hope you have covering documentation both for the replacement recommendation and the warranty co.’s alternative suggestions mentioning the same problem. Plus the mechanic’s report (the one who did work on behalf of the warranty co.).

Donald asks…

Can anyone help with my 1998 honda prelude over heating problem?

i have a 1998 honda prelude about 177xxx miles and I have changed the thermostat, a broken radiator cap, temperature sensor, i always bleed the cooling system, fans do work, i pressure tested the radiator to check for leaks and found none but i always have to be adding coolant to the system. Ive searched online and most of answers lead to blown head gasket but i don’t have no coolant in the oil or vise versa, there is a little bit of white smoke coming out the exhaust but from my understanding of previous mechanics is that Hondas especially older years tend to burn oil. anyways if you can help i appreciate it and i thank you in advance.

ps i found oil on my spark plugs. I don’t know if that takes part in the over heating problem because after i looked it up i read its either a the oil tube o-rings or the valve cover gasket which were both replaced.


First check the radiator mebe there Is some blockage in it or rusty u should see water have a rusty color if its rusted then there is a screw on the engine loosen it a little bit until water comes out from it after turning ur honda on then tighten the screw back while running ur motor ..water pump need to be checked also mebe there something broken in it and she can’t turn the water cycle good enough

Mandy asks…

Silly Question, would the liquid in a water cooling system come out if you tipped it over?

Since it has the radiator and fan to cool the liquid, if you accidently tipped your PC over, would the water spill everywhere?


Not if it is a properly sealed system.

The good systems are like the ones in a car. Sealed in such a way as to prevent leaking. After all while a little water is not that much of a problem to the engine, in a computer with all that exposed circuit board it is a VERY BIG DEAL.

So the system is a closed loop system. There is a tank for holding water, the water flows from there to the CPU heat sink, and out of the system to the heat exchanger to let the hear dissipate into the air.

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